Original used & new Parts

We have a fully assorted inventory of parts for every Volkswagen / Audi model. Ask us about the part you are looking for and we will examine instantly our stock for giving you an answer with the availability and price.
We take cash payments, bank card, VISA or MASTERCARD.

Buying and selling used cars

If you are looking to buy or sell a used Volkswagen / Audi, we could help you. We buy and sell used VW / Audi cars for their parts or to put back on the street. If you are interested to buy a VW / Audi vehicle from someone else, It will be our pleasure to inspect the vehicle before the transaction so you can take a well informed decision.
Come see us and it will be our pleasure to accompany you in your VW / Audi sale or purchase.
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Timing Belt Kits
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Exhaust System
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